Installation Service Terms and Conditions:

Installation Spot:

- We recommend choosing an installation spot that is clearly visible and closest to your front door. This will guarantee a 100% successful first-time delivery attempt.

- Ensure the box is positioned at a reasonable height to keep it safe from potential damage by water and animals (rats, cats, and dogs). The installation spot should not be too low or close to the ground.

** Accessibility Considerations: For customers with accessibility needs where Gonoknok has to be installed at a lower height, a reasonable distance from the ground is required to ensure optimal use and protection.**

- Ensure the Gonoknok is not surrounded by objects, plants, or any obstructions that could interfere with its operation. A clear space around the box will ensure smooth performance and accessibility for deliveries.

WiFi Proximity:

- The suitable distance between your WiFi router and the Gonoknok device is 8–9 meters. The closer, the better, to ensure a stable connection.

Responsibility and Reinstallation Costs:

Adherence to these guidelines is essential for a successful installation. Failure to comply may result in an unsuccessful installation, for which the responsibility and costs of reinstallation will be on the customer.

Some pre-Installation recommendations:

- Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the Gonoknok app before the installation day to sync the app with Gonoknok right away. 

- Please watch the following guide on our YouTube channel to learn how to set up Gonoknok step-by-step: Gonoknok Setup Guide.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer care team is here for you. Feel free to chat with us on our website, or email us at