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Is Gonoknok available in my area?

Gonoknok is available throughout the entire UK! If you're interested in our services, we have local agents ready to assist with installation. The installation fee is £25 + VAT. For more information or to schedule an installation, please visit our website or contact our customer service team in our live chat . We're excited to help you get started with Gonoknok.

What is Gonoknok?

Gonoknok is an innovative parcel system that includes a smart parcel box, a mobile app, and related software/services. It provides a secure and convenient solution for receiving deliveries and sending parcels (returns included) from the comfort of your home. The system features a lockable smart box installed at your front door, serving as a secure storage unit for incoming and outgoing parcels.

Can I use Gonoknok for returns and sending parcels?

Absolutely. With the Gonoknok Plus Plan, you can use Gonoknok to conveniently return unwanted parcels or send new parcels (great for C2C sellers). Simply place the item in the smart parcel box and initiate the return process through the app. Gonoknok.

How does the Gonoknok parcel system enhance security?

The Gonoknok ecosystem offers an array of security features, including HD camera monitoring, remote app control lock, two-way speaker communication, a local emergency button, buzzer, siren and night vision and impact resistance design. These features work together to increase the security of your front door and turn any door into a smart door.

Is installation fixtures included in the package?

Yes, the package includes all necessary installation hardware and detailed instructions to guide you through the step by step setup process.
Please check out our guide hub for future information or added Installation service as optional extra for £25.00+VAT and one of Gonoknok agent will install it for you. (15 min)

Is the Gonoknok app available for all smartphones?

The Gonoknok app is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and can be downloaded from Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play Store (Android).

How does the Gonoknok alert me about activities at my front door?

The Gonoknok app provides real-time alerts when someone presses your buzzer or notifies you of detected motion within up to 60-70ft of your front door. This ensures you stay informed about any activity in your door's vicinity.

How does Gonoknok work?

The Gonoknok ecosystem operates in three key steps:
1. Parcel Delivery: When a delivery is made to your address, the parcel is securely placed inside the smart box while all is recorded. You receive a real-time notification on your smartphone through the Gonoknok app.
2. Communication with Driver: While you're away, you can engage in a two-way conversation with the delivery driver using the app. This helps ensure a seamless delivery process and provides an added layer of security.
3. Secure Storage: The smart box is lockable and acts as a VIP post box, safeguarding your parcels until you retrieve them. You can also use the system to return unwanted parcels.

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Our customers rave about the seamless convenience and added peace of mind go noknok brings to their lives. See how they've embraced the future with the go noknok VIP parcel eco system.
Gonoknok’s service not only saved me time but also alleviated the stress associated with traditional deliveries.
Gonoknok has truly revolutionised my small home-based selling business, especially on Vinted and Depop. Thanks to their incredible service, I've been able to expand my sales and reach a wider audience.
The smart box not only adds an extra layer of security but also acts as a watchful eye, keeping a keen lookout for any suspicious activity.