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GonoknoAI-enabled smart parcel system on-air software updates directly, enhancing functionality or adding new features without the need for manual intervention. These updates can improve user experience, security, and introduce innovative functionalities that enhance the smart parcel box's capabilities over time.

Receiving parcel

Gonoknok Smart Parcel System: a revolutionary way to receive packages with pinpoint accuracy and effortless collection. Transform the delivery experience with Gonoknok. Our revolutionary Smart Parcel Box will provide the ultimate protection for your parcels, giving you complete confidence in the delivery journey. 

Return Unwanted Parcels

With just a press of a button in the Gonoknok app, return parcels from the comfort of your home, simplifying the returns process.

Quick and Easy Sending Parcel

Send parcels effortlessly with Gonoknok. Just pack your item, schedule a pickup through our app, and we'll handle the rest. Our service is designed for convenience, offering flexible pickup times and reliable delivery. Saving you time and offering dependable service without need to go to the post office or parcel shops.



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**Please note that the charger and Type-C charging cable are not included, as we're committed to reducing electronic waste. Therefore, we do not include a charging cable with our device. It can be easily charged using any Type-C cable and a standard phone charger.


Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHZ- Connectivity support.

Connection Speed: 2s-3s.

Gonoknok Spot Location: Integration of unique location code specific to your smart parcel box, for ease of parcel delivery.

Camera: 1080p - Full HD Resolution, 120° Wide Angle Lens, Night Vision Infrared.

Sensors: 10 - 20 metres motion detection range to capture activity around smart box and your front door.

Microphone & Speaker: Two way - to allow you to have a 2 way conversation with the delivery driver.

Security: 24/7 camera motion recording (Cloud Storage Optional via Gonoknok subscription).

Siren: 60-80 dB.

Letter Slot: Yes.

Working Temperature: -20°C to 60°C.

Humidity: 5~95% RH.

Gonoknok Material: High-quality weather-resistant and impact-resistant custom-designed composite material, withstand high impacts while remaining exceptionally lightweight.

Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 10000 Amh battery.

Estimate of Battery Life: Approximately 2 month before requiring charging. Fully charge in 6-7 Hours.

External Box Dimensions: (W) 40cm/ 15.74" x (L) 38cm/ 14.96" x (H) 55cm/ 21.65".

Weight of Box: 7kg.

Box Weight Manage Capacity: 25kg.

Capacity: 7 - 10 mixture of averaged sized boxes and mailing bags.

Volume: 3 cubic feet.


1st batch of Pre-Orders delivered December 2023
2nd batch of Pre-Orders delivered March 2024
3rd batch of Pre-Orders  delivered June 2024



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microphone microphone_trigger 2 Way Microphone unlock unlock_trigger Unlock Anytime letter_slot letter_Slot_trigger Letter Slot recording recording_trigger HD Device Recording location location_trigger go noknok Spot Location

Device Features

Gonoknok offers an innovative way to receive packages easily and efficiently. With pinpoint delivery, you can be sure that your parcel will arrive just when you want it. Gonoknok's hassle-free collection also saves you time for more important things in life. Experience the convenience of modern delivery today! Gonoknok ensures you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipment is fully insured. Trust our reliable service, so your parcel is always guaranteed and secure.
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2 Way Microphone
HD Device Recording
Unlock Anytime
Gonoknok Spot Location
Letter Slot
The built-in two-way speaker facilitates direct communication between you and delivery personnel. This real-time interaction ensures accurate parcel handover and allows you to give specific instructions without needing to be physically present.
The Gonoknok device boasts a high-definition camera that provides real-time video monitoring of your front door area. This advanced technology ensures you have a clear view of any activity, enhancing security and peace of mind.
With the Gonoknok mobile app, you gain remote control over the locking mechanism of your smart parcel box. This feature enables you to securely manage access to your parcels even when you're not at home.
The Gonoknok device includes the Spot Location feature, which provides a unique location code to assist with deliveries. This integration ensures precise and reliable parcel delivery and collection by drivers.
Integrated letter slot. One secure spot for delivery of parcels and letters ensures everything arrives safely, streamlining your doorstep experience.
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Interact with your box from anywhere in the world

Interact with the Gonoknok eco system from anywhere, anytime! Experience a new level of control with the Gonoknok app. Interact and remotely unlock your Gonoknok, manage deliveries effortlessly all from the palm of your hand. Your doorstep, at your fingertips!

Zero Hassle Parcel Returns

Returning online purchases has never been easier. Gonoknok's seamless process takes the hassle out of returns, giving buyers the peace of mind they deserve. With our innovative system, customers can initiate returns effortlessly from all of their favourite delivery providers, making their online shopping experience smoother and stress-free.
+500 more retailers

Selling Online Just Got Easier with Gonoknok

Bid farewell to time-consuming post office trips. Gonoknok revolutionises your online selling experience by offering hassle-free, contactless parcel pickup. Maximise your efficiency on platforms like eBay, Vinted, Depop and Etsy, and reclaim precious time for growing your business. Enjoy a premium, secure, and convenient selling experience with Gonoknok.

Learn how we're already helping customers

Our customers rave about the seamless convenience and added peace of mind Gonoknok brings to their lives. See how they've embraced the future with the Gonoknok VIP parcel eco system.
I adore my Gonoknok and recommend it to everyone even my Avon representative and post office staff enjoy it. My post lady even did a happy skip after using it for the first time!

- Tracy, Trustpilot
As a cosmetic injector, I recommend Gonoknok for securely storing medications and items. Its signature feature inside the lid prevents missed deliveries, making it ideal for safe storage, highly recommend it.

- James, Trustpilot
The customer service is polite, responsive, and attentive. The product itself is amazing: large, durable and user-friendly for parcel delivery. It’s super handy when I’m not home, with the simple to use app. My Local Royal Mail appreciates the ease of using Gonoknok.

- Marley, Trustpilot


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
Designed to provide you with quick and comprehensive responses to the most common queries about Gonoknok. Whether it's about subscriptions, features, or installation, find the information you need right here. Your journey to a more convenient doorstep starts with knowledge.

What is Gonoknok?

Gonoknok is an innovative ecosystem that includes a smart parcel box, a mobile app, and related services. It provides a secure and convenient solution for receiving deliveries and sending parcels (returns included) from the comfort of your home. The system features a lockable smart box installed at your front door, serving as a secure storage unit for incoming and outgoing parcels.

Can I use Gonoknok for returns and sending parcels?

Absolutely. With the Gonoknok Pro subscription, you can use Gonoknok to conveniently return unwanted parcels or send new parcels (great for C2C sellers). Simply place the item in the smart parcel box and initiate the return process through the app. Gonoknok will take care of the rest.

How does the Gonoknok ecosystem enhance security?

The Gonoknok ecosystem offers an array of security features, including HD camera monitoring, remote app control lock, two-way speaker communication, a local emergency button, buzzer, siren and night vision. These features work together to increase the security of your front door and turn any door into a smart door.

Is Gonoknok available in my area?

Join our waiting list to receive updates on availability in your area. Alternatively, for more information about upcoming area releases, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Is installation fixtures included in the package?

Yes, the package includes all necessary installation hardware and detailed instructions to guide you through the setup process.