Innovation is the cornerstone of Gonoknok, and our dedication drives us to deliver what we consider to be exceptional, unique, and ground-breaking products. We are a proud UK-based company, conceptualizing and designing all our products within the UK by our creative team in Newcastle.

The journey to introduce pioneering products entails substantial investment in research and development. However, we are aware that counterfeit company seek shortcuts to the market by creating inferior imitations that fail to comply with our rigorous quality standards.

Gonoknok’s products are protected under international IP registration laws. We are committed to vigorously defending our intellectual property rights and will pursue legal action to safeguard our innovations.


A friendly warning: Considering imitating our IPs?

We urge you to reconsider any plans to infringe on our products. Rest assured, with our legal team's support, we are fully prepared to take all necessary measures to prevent and stop any violations of our intellectual property.