Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Your Parcel Management with Go NokNok Smart Parcel Box

Managing parcels has never been easier, thanks to the Go NokNok Smart Parcel Box. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to maximizing your parcel experience, ensuring security, efficiency, and convenience in receiving, returning, and sending parcels.


Step 1: Secure and Efficient Package Receiving

  1. Set Up Your Smart Parcel Box: Install your Go NokNok Smart Parcel Box at a convenient location in your home, connect app and you are ready.
  2. Notify Couriers: Use the Go NokNok app to inform couriers of your secure smart parcel box.
  3. Receive Deliveries Anytime: Couriers place parcels in the box, protected from theft and weather, ready for you to collect at your leisure.

This process ensures that you never miss a delivery or trip to locker and parcel shop again, providing a secure and weatherproof haven for your packages.

Step 2: Hassle-Free Returns

  1. Initiate a Return: Open your Go NokNok app and select the parcel you wish to return.
  2. Place It in the Box: Secure the return parcel in your Smart Parcel Box.
  3. Press a Button: Use the app to notify the courier service for a pick-up directly from your box.

This streamlined process removes the need to travel to a post office or parcel shop, making returns as easy as receiving.

Step 3: Quick and Easy Parcel Sending

  1. Prepare Your Parcel: Pack your item and place it in your Smart Parcel Box.
  2. Schedule a Pickup: Use the Go NokNok app to choose a convenient pickup time.
  3. Let Go NokNok Do the Rest: A courier will collect the parcel from your box, ensuring it reaches its destination safely.

Sending parcels is now a breeze, with no need to leave your home, offering flexibility and reliability